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FINALLY...!   A psychic medium with a sense of humor! Kephera is an online psychic who comumicates accurate psychic readings by phone, or can deliver live psychic advice online, through the LIVE psychic chat portal on this website. You benefit from over SIXTEEN YEARS of psychic mediumship and experience. This Genuine psychic will give you TIMES and DATES of when psychic predictions will come true in your life! She has the psychic ability to go beyond just telling you that something will happen - You will also know in advance, when your future events will come to pass, and your Tarot predictions come true. About Sixteen years ago, I came up with a ACCURATE psychic divination system which allows me to give you Timeframes - even in your FREE psychic readings!

Based upon ancient wisdom that I somehow tapped into, I created and utilize a UNIQUE system of divinition and prediction which provides MIND-BLOWING ACCURACY for many Romantic and Financial details and events. True psychic powers are used to forcast accurate psychic predictions, and fortell future events, resulting in YOU receiving TIMES and DATES of When your situation will change - OR, When you'll meet someone new. I found out quite accidentally that my methods of psychic prediction just happened to correlate with the phases of the Moon!

Specializing in Romance and Financial psychic readings, it seems like there has been an Increase in CURIOSITY not only about clairvoyance but other psychic abilities as well. Clearly an AWAKENED interest in All types of psychic phenomena lately. Well, it's been SIXTEEN years now and I am TOTALLY BLESSED by being able to connect with numerous ongoing empathic relationships of many wonderful clients - spanning the globe over the years! Sometimes I just think about a person, and THEN they either call within a few hours or the next day. OR... they will think about me, and I will call them! But what's really been interesting lately is that the very person that we will be reading about will call in on the other line! OMG!!!!!!!!!

These are satisfied clients who check back frequently for updates. Many of them are scattered throughout the world, so this is not about distance! They often call or return telling me that most, if not all of their psychic predictions by phone OR online psychic predictions have come TRUE. One by one - like the petals of a flower unfolding. It's like they're right in the middle of their own psychic reading - watching it while it's happening! So, I've discovered that just because your psychic chat by phone reading has ended, does not mean that your online psychic predictions have finished completely manifesting! This was an AMAZING discovery to me as these psychically predicted events actually came to pass right on or close to the TIMES and DATES that showed up for them in their Love or Money reading! THIS...is HOW I came to learn that, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!

How It Works

It's important for some people to understand or visualize HOW a psychic reading is actually done, as there are different methods of prediction and styles of clairvoyants, psychics and mediums. So, I attempt to describe my Tarot reading methods here. First off, I will ask you for the first name and DOB of your Lover, Friend, Marriage partner, co-worker or whomever you wish to know about. The last name is neither needed nor required - unless we are reading about more than one person with the same first name! This is the only information I need to get started.

I receive feelings and impressions from the names and DOB's when I write them down. I also psychically sense him or her through you. Once you've provided me with your name and DOB, I will begin to focus on your situation and whomever or whatever else you wish to know about. I then start to shuffle the Tarot cards for you. Shuffling the deck is very important, as this clears the cards from the last client that I've read for. THIS is where the telepathy begins. I always tell everybody that it really helps to have your questions written down beforehand, as many things can show up in your Tarot reading, causing our focus to go in a different direction.

Next, your Tarot cards are laid out and THIS is where the psychic interpretation begins. I start laying out the Arcana and will usually see what is coming up for the person in question, between the two of you, AND what is currently going on in your Marital, Family or Financial situation. I will sense you and others through you. It really helps when you clear your mind, as intense emotions can sometimes 'block' me from getting through. I do understand that it can be a little scary to actually find something out. Don't worry. If you are already to the point where you want to call a psychic, then you are ready to find psychic answers! It often helps to have a picture of the person you're wishing to know about nearby when having your reading done. You can pull this up on your i-phone, android, blackberry, computer or, if you have one, just take it out of your wallet.

Go ahead and ask your questions based on what magically appears in your Live Tarot reading! Now THIS is when I start giving TIMES and DATES. Dates offer a point of reference and will give you much more clarity regarding your Lovelife, Career, Financial or other situation. Using clairvoyance, I can actually feel the thoughts, feelings, emotions and motives of my caller, and or the person you're wanting me to connect to. Sometimes, I'll see pictures, flashes or colors. OR - I may get names, dates or initials. I have noticed that this phenomenon has been INCREASING over the last SIX years. Lately since 2009, at various times I have been able to remote view the area or enviornment of my caller, describing to themdetails of their surroundings or the room they happen to be in. I was not really trying to do this at the time. It just happened one day. Sometimes I'll know that there are businesses or shopping centers nearby client's neighborhood so they can apply for and find jobs but still remain closer to their home, friends and family.

Change Your Future!

What if you could change your future? How would you feel if you were psychically able to avert danger, avoid confrontation or drama, or go around a situation that would otherwise be dangerous? Or, on the other hand, CAPITALIZE on something wonderful, such as knowing the RIGHT TIMESto apply for jobs, or when LOOKING for a MATE? What if you could take a situation or an issue and turn it around? What would you do if you had information ahead of time so things could turn out differently... for the better... reversing the outcome?

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to go through life effortlessly, while others are constantly struggling? Psychic medium Kephera can provide you with the TIMES you need so appropriate action can be taken, at the appropriate time! (In some cases, no action is preferred) Save your marriage. Heal your relationship. Improve your self-confidence. Go after that job you've always wanted! Whatever you need to do in order to change your life for the better. This makes life more comfortable, enjoyable and more stressfree... because, some things don't have to happen! We'll come up with ideas and suggestions that you might not have thought of before. Make your life easier with a LIVE psychic reading complete with TIMES and DATES by Kephera!

Once Upon A Time...

Her wit is uncanny! One thing's for certain - You're sure to have a great time during your live psychic reading with Kephera. She interprets your future as if it were a story - IN THE FUTURE! Yes, this is your own personal soap opera. I believe it goes something like,"As The Planets Turn..." Add several cups of LAUGHTER and a pinch of dry humor and you've got one of the FUNNIEST psychics on the web today! You may find yourself asking, "How could anyone know this?" Please see Kephera's Psychic Reading Testimonials Page. Many of Kephera's clients have reported feeling lighter, relieved and, after their psychic reading, have mentioned feeling calmer and more at peace with their situation. Some have even mentioned experiencing feelings of elevation and anticipation after a live psychic reading with Kephera. So grab everything you need and get comfortable because you're not going to want to get up for a while... Have your questions ready, maybe a pen, notebook and a calendar - now click here and receive the answers that you seek....We're going to have a GREAT TIME together!

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