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Psychic Kephera's FAQ

Q.Is An Appointment Required To Speak To A Psychic Medium?

A. In most cases, No. Just Call 210-858-1814. If I'm Currently doing live psychic advice by phone, I will let you know how long it will be (usually 15-30 minutes) before I can predict your future. Sometimes, during 'Rush Hour Traffic', I have been known to have a 2-4 Hour wait, but it is not like that every day! But when it DOES get like this, and you really need a Tarot reading, it will help if you will "Get in Line", so to speak. The way to do this is to pay for your psychic reading FIRST. You may do this online via PayPal or 2CO. Once you make your payment, we will each receive an email confirmation that acts as your receipt. Psychic advice calls and psychic chat readings are handled on a first-come first-serve basis, with prepaid psychicreadings being the PRIORITY over FREE psychics readings. You will be called or contacted when it is your turn, or when you are NEXT in line. You may also Call 210-858-1814 and leave a message, Or you can email me at .


Q. So How Do I Schedule A Live Tarot Consultation With Psychic Kephera?

A. First-time CallersCLICK HERE: If you would prefer to schedule a Live Psychic Chat Psychic Reading, CLICK HERE. OR, If you prefer a Live Psychic Video Psychic or Voice Chat Reading CLICK HERE. You get THIRTEEN Psychic Minutes so you can try out the service this way (without breaking the bank).


Q. May I Record My Psychic Consultation?

A. I always tell everybody to have pen and paper ready, as I can sometimes get a LOT of in-coming intuitive information. This is a form of psychic channeling, which actually goes beyond psychic mediumship. Also, sometimes when I get really busy, doing Tarot readings back-to-back doesn't always allow me to remember every single detail. So, if you were to call back next week or, in some cases, the same day, I might not remember everything we talked about psychically. I have found that taking notes while receiving accurate psychic predictions actually IMPROVES your FOCUS, Memory and CONCENTRATION, strengthening the connection between the psychic medium AND the client. If you decide to have your psychic readings done online where accurate psychics chat, press the Live Psychic Chat Button to get started. At the end of your paid psychic chat session, you can request a Chat Transcript of your psychic consultations which contain your psychic answers. This will be forwarded to your email address.


Q. So How Does A Free Psychic Reading Work?

A. These 5 Minute psychic readings have been designed to provide a new visitor with a brief glimpse into their future predictions. They are perfect for someone who has never Experienced a psychic reading before, as only the First Name and DOB are asked for. Just like the paid psychic readings, it is highly suggested that you have something to write with as Times and Dates may be given and you may not remember everything. You are not obligated to Continue with your GENUINE psychic medium reading unless you want to. First-Time Callers only, please!


Q. Can You Please Explain How The 'Live Chat'Works?

A. It's quite simple, really. All you do is CLICK on the LIVE CHAT Button. A psychic representative should respond momentarily while a seperate window dynamically opens up to begin your online psychic chat! ENJOY!


Q. How Much Is A Psychic Chat Reading?

A. Due to the demand for TEXTING, which is what REAL psychic chat really is, we have noticed that psychics chatting online, to be more valuable than psychic readings by phone. Therefore, to be accomodating, the prices to chat with a psychic online, are the same as the psychic phone readings! ENJOY!


Q. Can I Get A Reading Calling From A BLOCKED Number?

A. No. Please Call back and UNBLOCK Your number. If we're nice enough to provide you with free samples of our psychic abilities without asking you for any card information, it is felt that the least you can do is provide us with your phone number and/or email address. It should be noted that we DO NOT sell names, email addresses or phone numbers.


Q. Kephera, How Long Have You Been Providing Live Psychic Readings?

A. My psychic career began back in 1995 when I first learned to read Tarot cards. I had always been fascinated by different divination methods, and I found myself wondering what it all meant.... Did someone read my thoughts? After several months, old friends, acquaintenances, and other people I hadn't heard from in quite a while, mysteriously began calling or stopping by. I remember this one couple making a big fuss over the deck of cards on my coffee table. Well of course, they wanted their psychic cards read and asked me to give them a psychic medium reading. But, being new at this, was still dependant upon the directions that came with these psychic prediction cards. Now, for some strange reason, these directions were not where I usually put them; and so I was hesitant to give them any psychicadvice at first.  But these people were really curious, and since they were my friends, I suppose I just threw caution to the wind and went ahead and did their reading anyway. A little time goes by and about two weeks later, these friends return to me to let me know that many things that we had discussed about in the reading had, "started to come true....."


Q. What Kind Of Payment Do You Accept For Your Psychic Services?

A. Domestic as well as International Callers may pay through PayPal or 2CO by using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Bank CheckCards. If you do not have internet access available, don't worry! You can still order a psychic reading by calling 1-888-562-0844. Have your credit card ready and just follow the prompts. You will be directly connected to a live psychic momentarily.


Q. How Will This Charge Show Up On My Statement?

A. If you place your order using PayPal or 2CO, the charge should should show up as 'AREHPEK' or, as my email address, which is If you prefer to pay using the 1-888-562-0844 number, then the charge will show up as 'First Call Computing'. We realize at that your privacy and anonimity is important. That is why there is no reference to psychic readings on your statement when you use the 1-800 number!


Q. I See That You Offer Pre-Paid Psychic Reading Packages. Which Plan Is Best For Me?

A. Well, this depends on several things - like the complexity of your situation for example. Many people's lives can be like "Peyton Place", and therefore may require more time than just a standard reading - especially if there are more than just the two of you involved. So this is something to consider when deciding how many minutes you need. For THIS kind of scenario, I recommend the Weekly Psychic Reading Package. Just like the airlines, you receive better rates when you purchase genuine psychic readings in advance. The more psychic minutes you purchase, the greater your savings. Many people purchase and schedule their live tarot readings months in advance. If this is your first live psychic reading with psychic Kephera, it is recommended that you try her Introductory Package. By the way, these Pre-Paid Psychic Reading Packages make WONDERFUL as well as THOUGHTFUL and unusual gifts!


Q. Do I Have To Use All Of My Psychic Minutes At One Time?

A. No, of course not! When purchasing a Psychic Session, there is a twenty minute minimum. In other words, if you purchased a thirty minute psychic reading package with Kephera,but didn't want to use all of your minutes right then, you would have ten minutes to use at a later time. These minutes can be combined with or added to other readings.


Q. Are There Any Hidden Charges?

A. No. Absolutly not. These psychic readings are pre-paid blocks of time. THIS way, you can relax and enjoy your intuitive consultation!  If you would like to add MORE TIME, just go back to PayPal, 2CO or call back on the 1-888-562-0844 number. You must acknowledge these charges before your live psychic reading begins.


Q. Do You Sell Names, Email Addresses Or Other Information From Clients?

A. No. I do not. I do not have time for this activity. I usually just take notes during my psychic readings. Most of you that call me are usually quite serious and loyal, and I value each of you dearly. Therefore, I make no attempt to sell any names or email addresses of my clients. No one has access to my notes. Information that comes here, will stay here.


Q. What If I Need To Cancel My Appointment?

A. If you have pre-paid your live psychic consultationin advance, and you need to cancel within 24 Hours of your appointment , there is a Fifteen Dollar Cancellation Fee that applies. Other psychic divination readings may have been scheduled around yours, leaving an open slot that may be difficult to fill at the last minute. This is Why most people prefer to KEEP THEIR APPOINTMENT!


Tarot Reading Quiz By Kephera

Hi. This quiz is meant to test your SKILL and KNOWLEDGE of the Tarot. Have some FUN and see what you may or may not know! Enjoy!

  1. How many cards are there in the Tarot deck?

  2. Name the four suits in the Tarot.
    Pentacles, Spades, Hearts, Swords
    Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles
    Coins, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts
    Cups, Glasses, Pentacles, Wands

  3. If a card is upside down in a reading, it is...
    it isn't supposed to happen
    not bad, it just gives the card more than one meaning

  4. What card will show up if someone is moving?
    Wheel of Fortune
    Four of Swords
    Nine of Cups
    Five of Pentacles

  5. If a man is a Leo, what card will he be depicted as?
    Knight of Wands
    King of Wands
    The Hermit
    King of Swords

  6. A man wants to know about women. The Queen of Pentacles shows up. What are her 3 possible signs?
    Aires, Leo, Sagittarius,
    Libra, Gemini, Aquarius
    Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
    Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

  7. Each suit represents a different Element. Match Swords with its correct Element.

  8. Water is represented by which suit?

  9. Which suit represents 'parents' in the deck?

  10. There are how many Major Arcana Cards in the Tarot deck?

  11. What suit represents the Element of Fire?

  12. What card will you see if there is a legal issue?
    The Fool

  13. For a pregnancy, what card will you look for?
    Queen of Wands
    Ace of Pentacles
    Ace of Swords

  14. If there is an attraction between two people, which card will turn up?
    Six of Wands
    Three of Swords
    Ten Of Cups

  15. When looking for a job or interview, the card that you should look for is
    The Moon
    The Star
    The Sun

Thank you for taking the Tarot Reading Quiz By Kephera. I hope you've enjoyed it! Please Bookmark this site and stop by daily for your free horoscope or call 210-858-1814 for a free sample reading. See you soon!
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Q. Can You Please Explain How The 'Live Chat' Works?

A. It's quite simple, really. All you do is CLICK on the LIVE CHAT Button. A psychic representative should respond momentarily while a seperate window dynamically opens up to begin your online psychic chat! ENJOY!