FINALLY…! A psychic medium with a sense of humor! Kephera is an online psychic who communicates accurate psychic readings by phone or can deliver live psychic advice online, through the LIVE psychic chat portal on this website. You benefit from over TWENTY THREE YEARS of psychic mediumship and experience. This genuine psychic will give you TIMES and DATES of when psychic predictions will come true in your life! She has the psychic ability to go beyond just telling you that something will happen. You will also know in advance when your future events will come to pass and when your Tarot predictions come true. About twenty three years ago, I came up with an accurate psychic divination system which allows me to give you timeframes – even in your free psychic readings!

Based upon ancient wisdom that I somehow tapped into, I created and utilize a unique system of divination and prediction which provides MIND-BLOWING ACCURACY for many romantic and financial details and events. True psychic powers are used to forecast accurate psychic predictions and foretell future events – resulting in you receiving times and dates of when your situation will change – or when you’ll meet someone new. I found out quite accidently that my methods of psychic prediction just happened to correlate with the phases of the Moon!

Specializing in romance and financial psychic readings, it seems like there has been an increase in CURIOSITY not only about clairvoyance but other psychic abilities as well. Clearly an awakened interest in all types of psychic phenomena lately. Well it’s been twenty three years now and I am totally blessed by being able to connect with numerous ongoing empathic relationships of many wonderful clients spanning the globe over the years! Sometimes I just think about a person, and then they either call within a few hours or the next day. Or, they will think about me and I will call them! But what’s really been interesting lately is that the very person that we will be reading about will call in on the other line! OMG!!!!!!!!!

These are satisfied clients who check back frequently for updates. Many of them are scattered throughout the world, so this is not about distance! They often call or return telling me that most if not all of their psychic predictions by phone or online psychic predictions have come true. One by one – like the petals of a flower unfolding. It’s like their right in the middle of their own psychic reading – watching it while it’s happening! So, I’ve discovered that just because your psychic chat by phone reading has ended does not mean that your online psychic predictions have finished completely manifesting! This was an amazing discovery to me as these psychically predicted events actually came to pass right on or close to the TIMES and DATES that showed up for them in their love or money reading! THIS is how I came to learn… that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!