Are you looking for ANSWERS? Then just pick up the phone and call Psychic Kephera NOW! First off, I need to know about you. I will need your FIRST NAME and date of birth. If you are wanting to know about someone else, I will need the first name and date of birth of that person. For some clients, I will need pertinent information like the date and where last seen, a photo or something belonging to that person. In certain circumstances, you may not know or be able to find out the person’s date of birth. If this is the case, I will try and work around this. There are many ways of finding out that which you wish to know.

You should have your questions prepared. Remember to be clear, concise and to the point. You should have a quiet area where there’s a great signal so we can hear each other and get the most out of your reading. Thanks for ordering and I look forward to hearing from you!