***** Sondra – December 8, 2017
Kephera is a God sent angel,  She read for me and I was so satisfied.  She told me what she saw and she describes the cards in detail.  I will continue using her in the future and I recommend her to anyone who is seeking the truth. She is so easy to talk with and she guides you very carefully into what it is you are interested in.  Kephera should be  definitely without hesitation your personal psychic. I urge yo to give her a try. You will not be sorry.

***** Athena – 11/07/2017
I needed to know what was going on in my life. I needed some help with some answers and to better understand the situation. Psychic Kephera did a great job with the readings. She gave me a better understanding of what was happening and what will happen. I will be calling her back and continuing the readings.

***** Hope – 08/22/2017
She’s the only psychic I like talking to. She’s very caring and she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. She’s very honest. When I first went with her she said that the guy I was dealing with wasn’t right for me (she was correct) She told me I should go for a fire sign bc I’m an air sign. For now I’m talking to this new guy and he’s a fire sign. He’s super amazing and she told me we could have a potentially long relationship. So far she hasn’t let me down. She’s simply amazing and honest.

***** phillipsdaniellea – 07/29/2017
I will be 100% honest. Before going to Psychic Kephera, I had consulted with 3 previous psychics who all tried to scam me with spells and rituals. So my faith in the legitimacy of psychics had gone away. I called Psychic Kephera this morning and she truly blew me away. She is truly the first Authentic and Real psychic I have met. She told me many things during my first 5 minute reading with her that not only made me a believer in her true, incredible gift but also I was able to see that she is an honest reader with integrity. SHE will not lie to you in order to get a good review or for you to come back. She seems to deliver her messages with honesty and integrity. Through my experience that seems to be very difficult if not impossible to find within this field. I feel blessed to have found her and Highly recommend her.

***** Nesh – 12/02/2016
Very sweet honest and accurate – my lifetime advisor! Been to others and Kephera is definitely the BEST!

***** Cookie – 09/03/2016
This is by far the best reading I have ever had. This will help me and our childern with my marriage.

***** Kelly Walls – 04/24/2017
OMG! I have dealt with my share of psychics…. But I love her!!!! She is accurate down to the dates…. And she calms my every worry by listening! She always calls me back when she says she is and even calls to check up with me!!! Awesome!!

***** Domonique – 03/21/2016
The first time I read with psychic kephera was some months ago. I asked about my relationship and my career and till this day I can never understand the way she has tuned in and connected with me!! It was almost scary! And OH MAN her time frames are FREAKING AMAZING AND ACCURATE!! In total I’ve read with her three times and each time she has been so sweet and concerning and loving! What I love most is that she cares and wants you to keep in touch and let you know how the time frames went and how your situation ended up turning out. I could go on all day about her. I love her! She’s so worth the time! Thank you kephera!! XOXO

***** Prettylady – 07/26/2016
Kephera gave me an excellent read! She was accurate and compassionate. She knew things about my situation without me telling her and gave me great insight on what I needed to do to move forward in my life. I recommend her to anyone who wants to know the truth!

***** Jaz – 12/19/2015
I’ve been talking to Kephera for a couple years now. She’s amazing!!! My best friend who referred me told me that Kepera said to my friend that one of her close friends will be pregnant with a baby boy in a couple months. So it was either me or another close friend of ours who was in the navy so we knew it wasn’t her… a couple months passed by and I was pregnant then later found out I was having a boy. One thing I love about her you can ask ANYTHING and she won’t judge you. I’ve never been disappointed with the answers. She’s the best. Give her a call and you won’t be disappointed !!!

***** Joanne F. – 05/11/2015
On Point! I have got my cards done a few times last year with her… and she is always on point with timelines and people. I would recommend her to anyone! It’s time I had another reading with her! =)

***** Jasmine – 07/19/2014
5 Stars indeed! Initially, I was a skeptic. Now 3 years later I’m still in contact. Psychic Kephera has always been accurate, and her timing is always on point as well. I highly recommend you give her a call. You will not be disapointed. She’s very kind and follows up regularly. VERY reliable, comforting and consistant. Time is of the essence. Give her a call today.

***** Lexi – 03/10/2014
Very kind and friendly hit some key points in my life as well as gave me some very good adviceon how to go about my situations the best way. She’s honest and doesn’t sugar coat which you rarely find in many psychics today! Genuine psychic I definitely will be back! Give her a call you won’t regret it. Accuracy speaks for itself.

***** Ashley Canada – 03/26/2013
Kephera brought me out of a bad situation with a person I thought was true. She is the epitome of a profound life coach psychic! Everything she said came to pass and things have been looking up for me ever since. I am very grateful for running across her number and I will continue to come to her! Thankyou sooooo much!

***** angel – 03/25/2013
OMG is all I have to say. Everything that Kephera told me such as times and dates started manifesting as soon as we hung up the phone. I am still shocked and amazed at what has been seen so far. She will always be my personal psychic whenever I need to know something the exact time it will happen!! Thank you sooo much for your guidance!

***** msteetee – 01/17/2013
I had a free reading done by Kephera 3 months ago and I’m astounded at how accurate she was!! Everything she predicted has come to pass. I would recommend her to anybody who’s looking for an honest psychic with accurate details! Trust me I’ve contacted others but none compare to her!! While others have given vague answers, she has given me time frames and actual events. Please give her a try and I promise you won’t regret it!!

***** Anonymous -09/05/2012
I had a reading on 7/28/2012. I was concerned about finding a job after having been unemployed for almost 2 years. You told me to keep up the momentum and that I would hear something between the 28th and the 31st. I have to be honest and say that I really didn’t believe what you were saying. I asked if I’d have to relocate and you told me no, I would not have to relocate, but would have to commute. On Monday morning, July 30th, I had a written offer in my email from the Federal Government for a permanent position. I was numb. I couldn’t believe it. And, just as you said, I did not have to relocate, but my job is 1 hour away from my home. I can’t believe it. You were right on target with the dates. You were so on target. Since my reading with you, I am more curious and I will certainly call on you when I want to talk to someone who is the “real deal”. I started ny job three weeks ago. I am still in total awe. Thank you so much.

***** jasonwimberly – 05/14/2012
I first connected with Kephera2 years ago, her readings were astoundingly accurate. Some predictions and insight she had given me regarding a lover were absolutely on point. Upon reconnecting with some mutual friends and acquaintances, I found out straight from the horses mouth almost everything Kephera had already told me this guy was up to! Her timing system is one of the best out there. If you’re looking for detailed accuracy with a hearty dose of compassion and common sense, Kephera’s your girl.

***** dhuegelmeyer06 – 02/22/2012
I have called many psychics and was a little apprehensive about calling Kephera. Right away she was very sweet and made sure that I felt comfortable. Her reading was so different I could not believe what I was hearing and pretty much told her that I thought she was wrong. Boy was I in for a big surprise!!! Two days later everything that she said was confirmed and it blew me away. I had to call her back and let her know how right she had been. She is truly a. I will be getting many more wonderful person and is blessed with a great gift. I definitely have found someone I can trust and know that she is truly a good-hearted person who has been placed on this earth to help others. DM, Waterbury, CT

***** Guest27704 – 02/17/2012
I found Psychic Kephera through an advert on the web. I must admit I was skeptical. I was having a very hard time in life and needed to hear the truth. She gave me a reading and in time I saw not only was she right, but she was 100%. I will be getting many more readings from her in the future. It’s nice to know you have someone you can depend on who is for real.

***** SuperUser9700 – 01/06/2012
I had a previous reading in 2010by Kephera and her predictions did not only come true but they came true on the exact date that she told me they would! I received another reading today and I am so excited with the outcome. I look forward to another reading in the next two weeks! She is very compassionate and understanding – when I talk to her it feels like I’ve known her for years! You will not be disappointed I guarantee you!

***** clifford.lynch – 12/14/2011
wonderful one hundred percent honest great call her now

***** -lnix1116x – 08/31/2011
I find your readings to be the most reliable and accurate of any other psychic I have ever encountered. Your honesty and kindness always has the ability to calm me down on the most stressful of days. There have even been times when your predictions have come true within the exact time frame you told me. You’re definitely the most impressive and best priced psychic out there. I appreciate everything you do to make readings fun and easy.

***** Guest34252 – 07/30/2011
I have never used a psychic before and I had a lot of things I needed help with. She told me when to look for a job in my field and less than a week later it came true after being laid off for over three months!! Thanks again Kephera. You have changed my life and I will never forget it.

***** Guest58262 – 07/20/2011
I had a reading with Kephera today and she was honestly AMAZING!!! I’m having some relationship issues at the moment and before contacting Kephera I contacted another psychic who had told me that my ex and I would re kindle our romance in three weeks and that the relationship is not over. Without mentioning any of this to Kephera she has predicted the same thing!!! And she was right on the money about a few other questions I had. I was very satisfied with my reading… I will definitely be contacting her in a few weeks with details… keeping my fingers crossed hoping her predictions are right and that my love returns back to me! Alvina

***** spikeysparkles – 04/21/2011
I recommend Kephera to anyone having any kind of problems with anything… She is very accurate with her readings. She predicted I would be getting money and within two weeks of the reading I got an inheritance… My relationship also got better… Thanks a million… Love ya Kephera!

***** robertbadiggo – 03/20/2011
thanx for the reading and helping me find a job lets stay in touch

***** Lidia – 06/15/2010
I’ve talked to other top psychics and none of them come close to being as amazing as Kephera. It astounds me because every time I talk to her she makes several predictions (with timeframes), and almost all of them of have come true! And the timeframes are spot on! It’s insane! I don’t know how she does it, but this girl is the real thing and she knows her stuff! And if that is not enough, she actually cares! She always gives me a follow-up call to make sure things are good and I’m ok , and she has NEVER tried to pressure me into doing a reading! She just honestly cares! She is very generous with her time, non-judgemental, and she’s so sweet and funny! You will feel like you ae talking to your best friend! I’m so glad I found her and idk what I would do without her!

***** Guest83548 – 01/19/2010
I am still unnerved. I never believed in using psychics until now. Kind of makes you wonder why the police don’t use her to elp solve crimes. She helped us find my father’s insurance policy and gave us info no one could have known except my father.

***** Sobusy37 – 12/14/2009
I had the most amazing experience with Kephera. I first heard of Psychic Kephera on facebook, she was referred to me from a radio station that I love. So, I gave it a shot, despite all the failed readings I had in the past. Psychic Kephera was right on point from the beginning to the end of the call. Within the very same week everything she predicted came true. When I first called her I was so overwhelmed with problems and did not know where to begin, but in just a matter of days Psychic Kephera’s predictions started to come to light, I got answers to questions that were impossible to get before. I was exposed to resources previously unavailable to me and I even ended up with an incredible job offer that she predicted. This was an unbelievable reading. If you are in need of accurate answers to your questions or problems, Psychic Kephera is who you need to call immediately!!! Thank you Psychic Kephera for pointing me in the right direction and journey to a new successful life!

***** Guest14715 – 10/01/2009

***** Guest38849 – 09/07/2009
Today, I am going through something that is very heartbreaking and out of nowhere, I received a call from Kephera!!!!!!! It was unbelievable!!!!!!! !!!! I immediately began crying!!! I can’t believe she called me to check on me right when I needed her!!! Please call her…. she is amazing! And she has a warm, comfy spirit! You won’t be disappointed!

***** Geminiman – 12/16/2008
Great reading Kephera! I have been getting readings from her ever since 2004 and they are always fun and always accurate. She is able to tune in to how I feel and what I’m going through, and at times she even expresses my thoughts. Very few psychics are able to give dates and tmes like Kephera does and I’ve talked to ALOT of psychics. Kephera, you are right up there with Sylvia Brown. (I just hope you don’t raise your prices!)

A client for life, Geminiman