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Posted By Anonymous - Sept. 5, 2012

A year ago I contacted Kephera and was a skeptic, but also at that time in a horrible place in my life. I was going dangerously broke and had a child and felt that my boyfriend was leaving me. I had no job and on the verge of losing my apartment. I was desperate!  I had no answers and even though I was a skeptic, I needed someone to tell me what to do. She did indeed! As a matter of  fact, Kephera told me to calm down. She told me  in as little as a month or two, my life was going somewhere it's never been, she told me that my boyfriend was going to leave me but, he would always be a friend in the end. That did happen. She also told me too that a job awaited me after moving into a new house and I would be financially comfortable.  I got a big beautiful house AND a new job the same month! She told me my life would change over the course of a year for the better in ways that seemed only like a dream! My ex is still a good friend, I got a RAISE at the job she predicted and my house is one to grow old in! Skeptic still? Not at all! I made a  friend that day and didn't even know it! Thank you sweetheart for all your help!   

Posted By Anonymous - Sept. 5, 2012

I had a reading on July 28, 2012. I was concerned about finding a job after having been unemployed for almost two years. You told me to keep up the momentum and that I would hear something between the  28th and the 31st. I have to be honest and say that I really didn't believe what you were saying. I asked if I would have to relocate and you told me no, I would not have to relocate but would have to commute. On Monday morning, July 30th, I had a written offer in my email from the Federal Government for a PERMANENT POSITION!!!  I was numb. I couldn't believe it. And just as you said, I did not have to relocate but my job is one hour from my home. I can't believe it! You were right on target with the dates. You were so on target. Since my reading with you I am more curious and will certainly call on you when I want to talk to someone who is the 'real deal'. I started my job three weeks ago. I am still in total awe. Thank you so much!   

Posted By sparkzs07 - August 27, 2012

She was absolutely the real deal and a saint. I can't thank her enough. When I felt like giving up, she brought my spirit and mentality up with her amazing gift. I am a better person and a lot happier 'cause of her!  Thank you Mrs. Kephera p.s. watch this video on YouTube she recommended to me (the rice experiment)   

 Posted By dkatiemouse - August 23, 2012

i.e.,  a local favorite. First off, I would like to thank you so much for your honesty Kephera. A long time ago I contacted Kephera about an ex and she got right to the point and let me know that the relationship was over and that he didn't love me, which of course turned out to be true. Throughout the year Kephera contacted me just to check up and see how I was doing, something no other psychic had taken the time out to do, which showed me true commitment and professionalism toward her clients.  Eventually I got into a relationship with my present boyfriend and we were in the process of getting a paternity test done to see if he was the father of a baby he was programmed to believe was his. Talked to Kephera and so far everything she said has been TRUE. We are so pleased with her gift. She knew things that shocked me and whenever I have an issue I need insight on I will without a doubt caqll on my friend Kephera. She is REAL and I will recommend her to anyone in need of honest answers.   

Posted By Shaquana-18 - August 16, 2012

Psychickephera was amazing. Her accuracy was on point. I was a lil skeptical at first but when I got my reading, I knew she was the 'real deal'... She told me everything that I needed  to hear and did not beat around the bush. I will definitely recommend her.  sbutler bpt ct

Posted By A. Marie - July 22,2012

I spoke with Kephera concerning my daughter and my son. My Daughter has failed her cosmotology test twice and when studying for this last test she got so emotional and wanted to give up because she could not remember anything that she had studied. She became depressed about the issue and wanted to just give up, but after speaking with Kephera, my daughter said that she felt confident that she was going to pass. And Kephera told her that she would pass the test.  My daughter passed her test. This was the last test to take, and if she would not have passed this test, she would have to take the cosmotology class all over again. Kephera spoke with my daughter and reassured my daughter that she was ready to take the test and that she was going to pass and she passed her test and now she is in the process of getting her license.

Posted By Anonymous - May 18, 2012

She always seems to amaze me. Her timeline is always on point.  Kephera is truly gifted at what she does. Now I'm just waiting to see what next month has in store for me!

Posted By jasonwimberly - May 14, 2012

I first connected with Kephera 2 years ago, her readings were astoundlingly accurate some predictions and insight she had astoundingly given me regarding a lover were absolutely on point. Upon connecting with some mutual friends and acquaintances I found out straight from the horses mouth almost everything Kephera already told me this guy was up to. her timing system is one of the best out there. if you're looking for detailed accuracy with a hearty dose of compassion and common sense, Kephera's your girl.

Posted By Anonymous - April0 2012

I have talked to different psychics but KEPHERA she is the real DEAL!!!! And no I'm not someone that was put up to writing ths review...  she told me things before I even asked...  I will never talk to any other psychic but her... she gave me dates and everything... if you want to know something just give her a call... she is best by far..thanks Kephera....You are truly gifted...  

Posted By Jam2Scott - March 22, 2012

Everyone who has ever contacted a psychic wanted a connection. I found that with Kephera. When mind is wanting an answer my phone will ring and it will be Kephera. I am simply amazed by her connection and it leaves me speechless. Call her for a reading that will change your thinking about readings.

Posted By Guest 55495 - March 25, 2012

Over the years I have reached out to psychics (a lot of them) some were good. Kephera is out of this world.  There is a connection that everyone who has ever contacted a psychic has wanted and I found it. When I am searching my mind for an answer, my phone will ring and it will be Kephera.  It is absolutely out of this world. Sometimes I am flabbergasted and stunned. Now I have come to accept that there is such a connection. I recommend anyone, everywhere to call her. It will be worth your time and future. Thank You Keph!

Posted By dhuegelmeyer06 - Feb. 22, 2012 

I have called many psychics and was a little apprehensive about calling Kephera . Right away she was very sweet and made me feel comfortable.  Her reading was so different I could not believe what I was hearing and pretty much told her that I thought she was wrong. Boy, was I in for a big surprise!  Two days later everything she said was confirmed and it blew me away. I had to call her back and tell her how right she had been. She is truly a wonderful person and is blessed with a great gift. I definitely have found someone I can trust and know that she is a good hearted person who has been placed in this earth to help others. May God bless her always. DM, Danbury, CT

Posted By Guest 27704 - Feb. 17, 2012

I found Psychic Kephera through an advert on the web. I must admit I was skeptical. I was having a very hard time in life and needed to hear the truth. She gave me a reading and in time I saw that not only was she right, but she was 100%. I will be getting many more readings from her in the future.  It's nice to know you have someone you can depend on who is for real. 

Posted By Jammie - Feb.1, 2012

Psychic kephera has been my advisor for 3 years, and is great at what she does. Kephera gives you exact dates and times and is never wrong.  Not only that she can tell you what the person is thinking and how they really feel.  Trust me give her a call and you won't be dissapointed! - jammie

Posted By Guest 30170 - Jan.31, 2012

Wow! I didn't realize that someone had the ability to understand what my true heart desired until i had the opportunity to speak with Psychic Kephera. Within a few short minutes of our conversation, I received comfirmation of her ability.  Now she has enhanced my awareness of how strong her abilities are . I am thankful to have made such a rewarding connection!  Allison  

Posted By  SuperUser9700 - Jan. 6, 2012

I had a previous reading in 2010 by Kephera and her predictions did not only come true, but on the exact date that she told me they would! I received another reading today and I am so excited with the outcome! I look forward to another reading in the next two weeks! She is very compassionate and understanding.  When I talk to her it feels like I've known her for years! You will not be disappointed, I guarantee you! 

Posted By Clifford Lynch - Dec. 14, 2011

wonderful one hundred percent honest great call her now    

Posted By lashae2316 - Oct. 7, 2011 

I have been communicating with Psychic Kephera for about a year now. She is very accurate and on point. recently, she told me that I would get another job opportunity as soon as I agreed to stay on the current one. Sure enough, after I signed my contract extension, another one popped up. She also told me that this guy would be contacting me and to be careful..Since she warned me about him, I didn't respond to his text. I could go on and on about her predictions. She is great. TLG    

Posted By udeme - Sept. 30, 2011

She is amazingly compassionate and helpful, and she helped shed light on things that really eased my stress. She has been right on literally everything she has predicted for me and that's why Kephera is the only psychic I'd give my hard-earned money to, honestly. She's so nice. Thank you Kephera. You'll be heatring from me again!

Posted By Guest 46659 - Sept. 14, 2011

Psychic Kephera was 100% accurate. She told me that I would be getting news of a shocking phone cal in 3 to 4 days revealing a shocking death. And it happened just as she said, and it did not hurt me as bas because Kepheraprepared me for it days before it happened.  she also revealed very accurate events that were taking place in the lives of those around me and what was in their future, such as pregnancies and court cases. Thanks for being an honest and accurate psychic Kephera. LOVE YA!!!

Posted By Inix1116x - August 31, 2011

"I find your readings to be the most reliable and accurate of any other psychic I have ever encountered. Your honesty and kindness always has the ability to calm me down on the most stressful of days. There has even been times where your predictions have come true within the exact time frame you told me. You're definitely the most impressive and the best priced psychic out there. I appreciate everything you do to make readings fun and easy."

Posted By Guest 04385 - August 14, 2011

"I have been using psychic Kephera for over a year now. I honestly can say she is very accvurate and detailed on the information she has picked up. She has proven herself to be very authentic. I am so happy I found her.  I wish I had found her a lot sooner because I wasted money on other psychics that weren't real. She told me stuff that came true, told me the exact situation I am in, described people in question and it goes on and on. Every time I feel like I needf someone to help me out of a jam, I just call her up. I will not go to anyone else."

 Posted By Guest 34252 - July 30, 2011

"i have never used a physic before and i had alot of things i needed help with. she told me when to look for a job in my field and less than a week later it came true after being laid off for over 3 months!! thanks again Kephera you have changed my life. and i will NEVER forget it."

Posted By Guest 58262 - July 20, 2011

"I had a reading with Kephera today and she was honestly AMAZING!!! I'm having some relationship issues at the moment and before contacting Kephera i contacted another psychic who had told me that my ex & i would re kindle our romance in 3 weeks and that the relationship is not over. Without mentioning any of this to Kephera she has predicted the same thing!!! And she was on the money about a few other questions i had.  I was very satisfied with my reading ...i will definitely be contacting her in a few weeks with details...keeping my fingers crossed hoping her predictions are right & that my love returns back to me!" Alvina

Posted By Guest 88251 - July 18, 2011

"Kephera was right on the money with my questions.  I was given a twenty minute tarot card reading and now I have a better clarity and understanding about my life due to her."                            

Posted By 'Chelms01' - June 23, 2011

When I first talked to kephera, I felt like i known her a very long time. She is down to earth, very accurate with dates and info.  She truly cares about people and it shows when she talks to you. I went to her about a question about my ex and he had broken up with me.I wondered if he would call me and when. She told me he would call on the 22nd and then thats when I entered the twilight zone.... Introducing a new guy with the same name! She also told me some other stuff about him and that was true as well. I am very skeptical of people and she made me a believer. I have talked to many psychics before but i must say she is very genuine and real. I will be talking to her often. She is a very good person.

Posted By 'Guest 106150' - June 13, 2011

I found you really good, you hit the nail on the head...I thank you sooo much for giving me some of the information that I was looking for...Heidi

Posted By 'Guest 56358' - June 7, 2011

Kephera was right on it on what she said my guy was going to be contact me in 3 to 4 days it was about an hour How amazing and we talked for a few hours...........From Kelly

Posted By 'SexyScorpio' - May 29, 2011

I have been talking to Kephera forever and she is always right on! She never disappoints! It is so erie because she used to call me to check on things and this guy would call me right after she called! She would tell me phrases when she was reading this guy, and when I would talk to him he would say the same thing.  She would give me very detailed readings with very specific info and it would turn out to be true... she would tell me specifics about encounters and they would come true. She would give me timeframes that were always right on. I have referred friends to her and she never disappoints!! My friend wanted her to read her bf and Kephera told her an exact phrase word for word that he then told her later that night!!! It blew our minds!!! You can't fake that! She is so amazing and so gifted! She is also honest and will not just give you
some generic fairy tale. She's the real deal!! Luv ya girly!  You are the best!!

Posted By 'PlasmaSnake7' - May 24, 2011

I called about a particular question I had. Honestly, what I heard was not what I wanted to hear, but it ended up being quite accurate. I would have to say that she is quite good at what she does. Overall I would recommend her to others.

Posted By 'laurabailey25' - May 10, 2011

i really think kephera is awsome i got a reading with her yesterday she told me my guy would call me and he contacted me today thats great

Posted By 'bluersky' - May 1, 2011

i.e., A local favorite, or highly recommended because I am amazed with my psychic reading with Kephera. We have never met but have talked for the last 4 years. She just told me what was wrong with my car! The repairmen have been working on it for over a week and fixed it yesterday. Before I mentioned it to Kephera, she told me what was wrong with it. If we would have talked a week ago, it would have saved me a couple hundred dollars! Kephera knew exactly what was wrong with it."

Posted By 'spikeysparkles' - April 21, 2011

"I recommend Kephera to anyone having any kind of problems with anything. She is very accurate with her readings... she predicted that I would be getting money and within two weeks of the reading, I got an inheritance... my relationship also got better... thanks a million... love ya kephera"

Posted By 'robertadiggo' - March 20, 2011

"Thanks for the reading and helping me find a job! Let's stay in touch!"

Posted By 'phoenix.lgst1' - March 20, 2011

"This is my 1st time writing a review, I previously spoke with Kephera two years ago in July/2009 and she told me of some things.  I was going through my cellphone yesterday 3/19/11, I found her number again and I called her and I remembered who she was. I am glad to talk to her again to see her results. From me, a Special Lady. Thanks Kephera, Sun. 03/20/2011 1:47am" 

Posted By 'Guest 90325' - March 18, 2011

"Highly Recommended Psychic!  Psychic Kephera picked up why I was calling, picked up that my ex-partner was still married. Gave dates and predictions. I will update you on your predictions that you told me about. She is very funny and she makes you feel at ease. Felt like I've known her for ages. Psychic Kephera does not rush her readings.  Thank you Kephera.  I will update you on everything, and I will definitely be calling you again.  Take care and God Bless XLG:  UK, London"

Posted By 'flowergir419' - March 10, 2011

"Kephera is an amazing psychic ....Always right on! She has always given me wonderful guidance throughout the past several years.  She is able to do accurate readings on health, school, relationship and future success. She was even able to predict when my father was passing and this really touched me.  She is very reliable and kind, always to the point, sweet and gives me strength anytrime I am worried about what is coming up.  Thank you Kephera for offering the best of advice and hope."  

Posted By 'quitaboobaby' - Feb. 19, 2011 

"she's always been accurate with every reading and I been getting them for years!!!" 

Posted By 'carmellescott' - Jan. 26, 2011

"she's always been accurate with every reading and I been getting them for years!!!"  "100% accurate on time with dates whats on your mind she will blow you away she never meet you and can tell you whats going on in your life.  past  present and future try her one time i need to say anymore because after that one reading you will be calling her on your own!" 

Posted By 'ytbcoach' - Jan. 23, 2011

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of will."  I rated a few of your vids and glad to have run across your channel here on Youtube.  Keep doing big things!"  BiggerVisions*com 

Posted By 'ngarza8479'  -  Jan. 10, 2011 

"Kephera is a kind and fun person and a very precise psychic.  I first contacted her back in October 2010 for some advice about my lovelife.  It involved an old lover who I had not physically seen since 1992.  Throughout the years we got in touch again for a couple of times.  I always felt there was a strong connection between the two of us and wanted to know what would happen this time.  Kephera was able to precisely confirm details that happened in the past and told me he and I would talk and set up a date to meet two weeks from when she did my reading.  It was exactly what happened in the past and we finally met in December 2010.  I feel confident that Kephera will be able to guide me through this and other areas of my life which is taking a huge shift, and thats why I'll keep contacting her for more and strongly recommend her to whoever is interested in some truthful psychic advice.  Thank you so very much Kephera!"

Posted By 'Guest 60628' - Dec. 18, 2010

"Kephera is an extremely sweet and good psychic.  She has been able to help me several times this year with seeing whats coming up.  Whether it be relationship, school, or family she is able to really touch into what's coming up. She is patient, accurate and kind. And best of all, she makes you laugh!"                    

Posted By 'Guest 30910' - Dec. 12, 2010

"Kephera ! What can I say but unbelievable!  I have to admit in the beginning I could not believe anything she said was true but as time passed and the things she said were going to come true , actually started coming true I was amazed.The one thing I actually was amazed by is that she told me the good, the bad the happy and the sad. Just what I needed and on time to get me back on the right track and cleared up my worry factor. If you are skeptical...try is without a doubt worth it!" 

Posted By  'irresistable' - Oct. 1, 2010

"I've been speaking with kephera for about 3 years now and she has helped me with alot of situations I have gone through. she is very caring and understanding and patient.  everything she has told me so far has happened just like she said.  i got through some of my roughest times with her help.  I thank her and want everyone to know she is a Godsend."

 Posted By  'Miss CiCi88' - Sept. 17, 2010 

"OMG! i love Kephera she is trustworthy and honest Psychic! All the predictions she gave me came true within a matter of weeks i love her and she is so compassionate and caring!!  and she will tell you like it is! lol"

Posted By 'Evy' -  Sept. 5, 2010

" phsychic is so amazing i called her yesterday and everything that she said happened today i recommend her to everyone i know..."

Posted By  'Guest 74666' - August 19, 2010

"this lady is so amazing!  last year i asked her question if my father was my birth father and she told me no and said that around this time this year I would find out that he wasn't and sure enough i found he wasn't! she is too good!  i highly recommend her to everyone!  and not to mention she is such a great and sweet person! and a really good friend!" 

Posted By  'JS in Florida' - August 7, 2010

"wow Kephera is great she is on the money and kind compassionate and really good at what she does.  I give her a glowing report and highly recommend her to all seeking wisdom.  I LOVE YOU (K) Keep up the good work helping others! God bless you!"

Posted By  'Connectwcathy'  - July 10, 2010

"everyone my name is catherine lasalle and I recommend psychic kephera not only because she is accurate but she is loving and caring and gets to the point in what you need in life.  My example: I was having some problems with a guy I loved but he was not responding. Psychic kephera's advice was to know that he does love me and give it some time.  The cards say there was another woman around but there was also moving in my plans. She gave me times and dates of future events that are about to take place, court dates, income for my money and past events that lead up to this.  Psychic kephera deserves 5***** for her success and dedication to her clients.  ps. I am going for another reading soon!" 

Posted By  'Lidia'  - June 15, 2010

"I've talked to other top psychics, and none of them come close to being as amazing as Kephera!  It astounds me because every time I talk to her she makes several predictions (with timeframes), and all most all of them have come true! And the timeframes are spot on!! It's Insane! I don't know how she does it, but this girl is the real thing and she knows her stuff!  And if that is not enough, she actually cares!  She always gives me a follow up call to make sure things are good and I'm ok, and she has NEVER tried to pressure me into doing a reading!  she just honestly cares!  She is very generous with her time, non-judgemental, and she's so sweet and funny!  You will feel like you are talking to your bf!  I'm so glad that I found her and idk what I would do without her!" 

Posted By  'Guest 67475' -  June 1, 2010

"Psychic Kephera gave me a good reading with time frames.  She gave me time frames of about 5 days, that I would go out with her again.  It happened the next day.  I definitely recommend her." 

Posted By 'Shim' -  May 14, 2010
"I have received a reading from Kephera after speaking to several other "top psychics" and I was absolutely amazed by her humor, grace, generosity, and complete accuracy on certain topics which I needed answered. After the reading, I felt confident and rejuvenated. What i was also amazed by, was her ability to give dates when certain events will take place.  One bit of advice I would give to anyone speaking to her for the first time is to prepare for complete honesty.  Now, I will always know where to go when I need answers. I will definately recommend psychic readings by Kephera and always look forward to speaking with her on a weekly basis."

Posted By 'wilfred24' -  April 20, 2010

"She was amazing. my boyfriend left me and i had not spoke nor seen him in over a month she gave me the exact time and date that he would show up at my job and he did.  We are back together and with her help we have been happier than ever. she is the real deal. this woman is truly gifted." 

Posted By 'Denise' -  March 11, 2010

"Wow, Let me tell you about my psychic. She is really always on point in several instances she told me that my husband was going to get a new offer on a job and she had no way of knowing that the day before he had already told me about the job...go Kephera you're my girl!" 

Posted By  'Free' -  Feb. 19, 2010

"I would like to thank Kephera, she was right on point about things that she couldn't have known unless she was the real deal, her reading changed my life... Thanks Kephera" 

Posted By  'Guest83548' -  Jan. 19, 2010

"I am still unnerved. I never believed in using psychics until now. Kind of makes you wonder why the police don't use her to help solve crimes. She hgelped us find my father's insurance policy and gave us info no one could have known except my father." 

Posted By  'Sobusy37'  - Dec. 14, 2009      

"I had the most amazing experience with psychic Kephera. I first heard of psychic Kephera on facebook, she was referred to me from a radio station that I love. So, I gave it a shot, despite all the failed readings I had in the past. Psychic Kephera was right on point from the beginning to the end of the call. Within the very same week everything she predicted came true. When I first called her I was so overtwhelmed with problems and did not know where to begin, but in just a matter of days!  Psychic Kephera's predictions started to come to light, I got answers to questions that were impossible to get before, I was exposed to resources that were not available to me and I even ended up with an incredible job offer she predicted. This was an unbelievable reading. If you are in need of accurate answers to your questions or problems, Psychic Kephera is who you need to call immediately!!! Thank you Psychic Kephera for pointing me in the right direction and journey to a successful life!"

Posted By  'AMAZED' -  Dec. 11, 2009

"Kephera is a very gifted psychic. I have been a client of hers for years now and I have not been disappointed. She gives you times and dates and she is right on target with her information. She's a very giving person she's nopt selfish or self serving. She has truly mastered her craft. My own experience with her has been that she took the mystery out of something that I was going through and brought it all into perspective enabling me to make the best decisions concerning my life and I will be eternally grateful to her for that. She is the real deal!! I know this because there is no way she could have known or predicted the outcome of my particular circumstances with little or no information. She told me things that I didn't even know and they came to pass. She's not one of those "spell casting fakes" that are in it for the money, her heart and soul are in this. I continue to be amazed after all these years. If you're looking for the truth call KEPHERA and that's exactly what you'll get."

Posted On Aug. 26, 2009

"Quit wasting tour money on anyone else! I have talked to 10 other "top" psychics and no one compares to Kephera! Kephera is just plain hands down the best and for a modest price. I have had multiple readings and each one gives great insight with specific dates (which is very rare among psychics) and events that are projected to happen. Kephera is genuine and can be very humurous, she is a breath of fresh air in the world of tarot and psychic readings. I have found Kephera to be a very caring person in general. Like I said, stop wasting your money, or if you have never had a psychic give her a try."

Posted On June 21, 2009

"I have been speaking with Kephera for over 3 years and all her information is dead on. She gives you times and dates that are accurate and true. I truly trust what she says and you can too. Give her a try and you will not be disappointed."

Posted By  'loque' - June 1, 2009

"I am very impressed with Kephera's readings, she has given me advice that didn't seem fit at the time but it would always come to pass. She can also feel my vibes without me talking to her and she will call me to check on me which developed into a very good friendship. I really like Kephera and I told her when I make it big, she is coming with me."

Posted By 'Mari99' - Philadelphia, PA - May, 2008

"Kephera is amazing! Her readings are so detailed and accurate. About 90% of her predictions happened when she said they would. I was amazed! She truly has a gift."

 Posted By  'a happy client from Michigan' -  Feb., 2008 

"Hi Kephera. My testimonial of your gift is extraordinarily unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! You're very much right on. Thanks with great appreciation!!!!!!!!!!"    

Posted By Guest 58262 - July 20, 2011