Although there are different ways of getting a psychic reading, some people prefer to receive their reading by telephone. There are many reasons for this, and many folks will call a phone psychic instead of using the other methods that are available. Usually it’s because the person may not be into texting – or may not be internet saavy, or is just plain ‘old fashioned’. It’s a simple truth that it is much easier to simply pick up the phone, pay and then be connected with your psychic right away.

Whatever the reason, calling a phone psychic is still one of the most popular ways of obtaining a psychic reading! You may be charged a per minute rate, or a flat rate. A flat rate is a set price for a block of time, and seems to be the preferred method of payment when getting a psychic reading over the phone.

Some psychics will record your reading for you so you will have a momento of your psychic experience! Or, you may prefer to record your reading yourself and create a CD of it. This can be very helpful when tracking the predictions of a phone psychic.

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“Psychic kephera has been my advisor for 3 years, and is great at what she does. Kephera gives you exact dates and times and is never wrong. Not only that she can tell you what the person is thinking and how they really feel. Trust me give her a call and you won’t be dissapointed!”
— Posted By Jammie – Feb. 1, 2012