Believe it or not, we happen to live in a most MIRACULOUS day and age! I say this because there have been many of you that have been previously unaware of abilities that are starting to come out now. Many clairvoyants and mediums have been able to develop their psychic gifts over the last decade at INCREDIBLE RATES, with amazing accuracy to boot! I have my theories about this psychic phenomenon as I have been receiving calls from many ‘regular people’ wondering WHY and HOW they ‘know things’ – BEFORE they happen! I have also seen psychics develop and use Other gifts as well. What I have found is that there are almost always ‘other abilities’ that go hand-in-hand with psychic abilities and being psychic. Some people are blessed with one or two types of psychic ability, while others have ALL of them! Theories related to specific genetics or genetic combinations could explain why this is.

What OTHER kinds of Psychic Powers could we possibly possess? Some can actually See you in the room, or what is around you, or what you are doing! This is called ‘Remote Viewing’ and with some psychics, can be literally done ‘on demand’. What is your boyfriend doing right now?

Others are better at sensing thought patterns or vibrational frequencies. This can be best expressed as ‘Psychometry’, the ability to touch or hold an object and receive feelings and impressions about the person who owned it or wore it, etc., This particular psychic ability requires an actual physical object and is usually not done remotely unless the item is shipped through the mail or brought or delivered to the psychic medium, etc.

Other ‘psychic powers’ or abilities include but are not limited to Empathy, the ability to ‘feel’ the thoughts, feelings, emotions or motives of another, either present or remotely. This ability sure could make life alot easier, couldn’t it? Hmm… What’s your prospective employer going to think of you at the interview tomorrow….? Peace-of-mind can be a wonderful thing!

The Telepath has the ability to read your thoughts. How this actually occurs is not known. No verbal communication is needed nor required. Could be useful in many sitiuations. When these abilities are first discovered, the telepath needs to learn to ‘shut down’ or ‘turn off’ their thoughts when it becomes too much. Once this is mastered, this psychic gift should become much easier.

Astral Projection is the ability or psychic power to travel to another location in spirit. Distance is not a consideration here as someone who is astral projecting can travel through the dimensions of space and time.

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